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Volunteer projects of SPAR and VolWest Group

On this page you will find all the latest information about our volunteer initiatives and the results we have achieved thanks to our own funds, donations and assistance from SPAR International and SPAR organizations all around the world.

Tactical Medical Training Course

One-day FREE training course for civilians and military personnel, volunteers and journalists – for everyone who wants to be prepared for extreme life situations.

Course programme:

  • Tactical Medicine Essentials: theoretical and practical part.

  • Medical training from a team of medical instructors: assistance with wounds and injuries; practice in small groups with dummies.

  • Psychological exercises on self-regulation of mental state.

To spread the knowledge to even more people, we have created a video course "Tactical Medicine" and published a book "Tactical Medicine" (edited by Viktor Korsak) with a circulation of 8 000 copies. We have already improved it and published the 2nd edition of the book.

13 532

people were trained

8 000

copies of the book "Tactical Medicine"

First-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks

Today, our army is in need of high-quality first-aid kits, as this is the basis for saving soldiers’ lives.

All necessary medicines for the first-aid kits came partially from our foreign partners, partially were purchased by us at our own expense, and were received as charitable assistance from pharmacy chains, legal entities and individuals in Ukraine.

Packing is carried out by medical staff of Behealthy family clinics and volunteers.


first-aid kits


tactical medical backpacks


million of funds raised

Production of Tourniquets

The first emergency aid during massive bleeding is to stop the flow of blood from the wound site with the help of bleeding stop means. Such equipment, particularly tourniquets, are in short supply on the battlefront. Thus, we established the production of hemostatic tourniquets MIC (Medical Innovation Center).

The MIC tourniquet is registered in the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control under the number 65616, it is certified and corresponds to the specifications TU U 32.5 - 44037223 - 001:2022 (UA. PN. 191.0688-22).

We put these tourniquets in individual first-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks. We also use them for training during our Tactical Combat Medical Training courses.

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